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A sleek design, smooth ride and top of the line features that allow the driver to stay connected and allow for ultimate safety are some of the reasons why the Mazda3 Grand Touring is a class leader. Speed is a game that Mazda3 loves to play and their SKYACTIV technology engine allows for a 184 hp and a top speed of 132 mph. This technology has G-Vectoring Control which reduces engine torque while enhancing every other aspect the car has to offer. Drivers can get up to 25/34 mpg which is right in competition with other sedans of its class. Putting yourself in the driver’s seat of the Mazda3 Grand Touring is one of the best ways to heighten your driving experience. Bottom line, it goes really fast.

A main priority when buying any car is ‘how safe is it?’. As a car buyer, you want to know what is so different about this car when compared to other cars that is going to keep me safe. The Mazda3 scores high with safety agencies because of its active safety technologies. The features include automated emergency braking, lane-keeping assist, adaptive cruise control, blind-spot monitoring, and much more. The Grand Touring has standard airbags along the sides and front of the vehicle and airbag occupancy sensors. These active technologies essentially mean that they are keeping an eye on you while you drive so that you are always safe. Feeling reassured every time you get in the driver seat that you are safe is what Mazda aims for.

When buying a new car you want the coolest and newest features that you can show off to all of your friends and family. Why else would you buy a new car? Well, this new Mazda3 Grand Touring has KODO: “Soul of Motion” philosophy that Mazda prides themselves on. The exterior design sheet metal contours the car to natural forms to give each Mazda a beautiful sense of motion that is completed with Bi-LED headlights and a black metallic front grille insert. This design is truly breathtaking (who knew a car could be so serene?). The interior of the car adds onto the sleekness with its comfortable seats and a thin steering wheel wrapped in leather. You’ll never touch anything smoother.

The Grand Touring, along with other third generation models of Mazda come with Mazda Connect, which is the sound system generator for the car. This feature is touch-screen but there is a also multi-function commander control in the center of the console which lets the driver scroll through the functions of a 7” display. The commander control helps when driving because you no longer have to reach for the monitor to find your favorite song or change the radio station. Your driving experience is only enhanced by using the Bose sound system the car is equipped with. This car offers a 9 speaker surround sound system that will deliver clear audio and allow you to listen to your favorite tunes as if they were performed in the seat next to you.

The 2018 Mazda3 is luxuriously equipped with impressive performance features that the 2017 model did not have. Mazda3 is offered in three different model grades: Sport, Touring and Grand Touring and each of these models has something special to offer that the other doesn’t.

The most significant change from 2017 to 2018 is the engine. It now offers SKYACTIV technology with a 4-cylinder engine option on the Grand Touring. Another improvement for this year’s model is the Smart City Brake Support. This is designed to work exclusively for speeds under 20 mph and has a laser that can detect any risks of possible collision. This laser delivers a powerful max brake automatically if no action is taken by the driver.

As for the interior changes of the 2018 model there has been added illuminated vanity mirrors and an overhead storage compartment for sunglasses. Which allow for a pleasant addition to this new model.

The possibilities are endless for what the 2019 model can have, so keep an eye out for when it comes out. It will be jaw-dropping.

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